Console Wars: A New Hope

GOWI’m geezer enough to remember the first Xbox Magazine throwing shade at PS2 for having DVDs playable with a controller instead of requiring the remote. Those days were full of console exclusives so that you bought one if you needed X title in your life and the other for Y series. Publishers have been blurring those lines more and more with fewer must-have titles, but I’m excited again for the first time in many years.

Or maybe I’m just a fanboy. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up with older brothers who were also gamers and dumb enough like me to blow money on this stuff, so we had a PS2 and an Xbox. In those days big ol’ Master Chief led the charge so the choice was fairly easy to continue – Microsoft clearly had the goods. Sure, we had Final Fantasy and some other sweet JRPGs that Xbox wouldn’t carry, but for the most part Sony’s exclusives were more of the same while Xbox branched out.

At least that’s what my takeaway was for years. Had a 360 as well, and sat out the last console wars in favor of PC gaming for the too-small-for-tvs apartment lifestyle, but I’m back on the hype train and FORMALLY declaring my allegiance to Sony this time around with a PS4. It’s 4/20, God of War has incredible ratings, and I’m stoked.

Seriously, what has Microsoft done for you lately? The last few Halo titles were a disaster. Fable’s been dead for infinity years, Gears of War got a skinny minnie remake, and they haven’t done anything off the wall (that I’m aware of) but just take whatever publishers give them that everyone else already has. There are enough 3rd party games available on all platforms that it doesn’t matter much which you choose, except for




Look I’ll be honest, I’m going to buy God of War because the reviews from people I trust have sold me on it. I don’t care about Horizon: Zero Dawn. Nothing exclusive to Xbox has tickled me (oh boy more Forzas?), but damn if this Spider-Man title doesn’t look great. I wanted a PS4 to play Monster Hunter: World with my guild and to keep the pipe dream of an actual release for Final Fantasy: VII alive in my heart, but I really didn’t care about any other exclusives until seeing more news for Spider-Man and reviews for God of War. I played that Xbox demo disc for Spider-Man 2 until that thing burned out, and if this game has as much freedom in traversing the city as recent movement trailers have shown I’ll do the same here.

Of course that’s all dust in the wind when this baby comes out and nobody hears from me ever again…


They’re just going to say Ridley’s too big for the portable feature.

What about you, ‘verse? Anything I’m missing? We’re truly in a golden age when most of the great games can be accessed whatever road you take, but I honestly am excited for some console exclusives for the first time in a long time.


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