Pixels. So hot right now.


After another grueling week putting in hours at the business factory, you’ve made it home again. What better way to relax than to sink back into the times when you had no responsibilities and games existed in glorious 16-bit graphics? 

I’ve been playing the ever-living HECK out of Vermintide 2 and Monster Hunter: World these last couple of months, and neglecting you fine folks in the ‘verse in doing so. But the time of sorrow is over now. Let’s make amends as I guide you towards some fantastic retro-styled games that you may not have seen yet. I don’t know if the devs for the following games have a mind map of me printed out when they’re working to know just how to hit me in the nostalgia, but whatever they’re doing is working.



First up is a co-op roguelike, Moon Hunters. The game is probably the least beautiful graphically in this bunch (though still gorgeous in its own right), but hot damn does it boast a beautiful soundtrack. I’m actually listening to it right now. Even if you don’t get this game, plug that link into your ears.

Moon Hunters is relatively short in each individual playthrough on a Majora’s Mask style timer, but there are a lot of different paths for the completionists out there. It has 5 characters with a handful of modifiable moves each and actually lets your decisions change the outcome of the game.



Another roguelike (we’ll stop soon I promise) where each run unlocks more for your next run. Dead Cells recently released another big content patch with more enemies, weapons, and skills. I destroyed this game a few months ago when it first showed up for early access in my queue, not something I regularly hit. Even back then when it had half the content it has now I dumped 20 hours in. Can’t wait to take another go at it, especially with those Hayabusa Gauntlets I saw.

Dead Cells plays like a Metroidvania in some respects as you do have permanent unlocks that allow access to new areas, but for the most part you’re just running as far as you can until the game kills you. And it will, over and over and over. That gauntlet’s gonna force you to git gud.



I got pointed to this as a close second to Hollow Knight in gameplay and atmosphere, and it lives up pretty well. Nothing will ever fill the void that exists now that I can’t play Hollow Knight through for the first time again, but this definitely helped that wound. The game plays out similar to an old-school Zelda title and does so with very fast-paced combat. Some boss fights were a struggle, some too easy, but there’s something for everyone in this game. The graphics are gorgeous, the soundtrack is fantastic, the combat is tight and fair, and the story tugs at your heartstrings a good bit.

Plus there are a ton of collectibles, many of which I haven’t completed yet. OH and the arena…that’ll make a man out of you.

These three are all available and you should put them on a watchlist for sale prices, but there are some upcoming ones I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while as well. Peep the trailers below and join me in my rage at the developers for CONTINUALLY PUSHING THE RELEASE DATE COME ON @ASKIISOFT!






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