“Team P.R.O.O.F.”: An Award-Winning Film?


This past weekend, our film “Team P.R.O.O.F.” premiered as an Official Selection at the Something Wicked Film Festival in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The screening was a blast! We managed to pack the room. It was a small room, granted, but it was filled to capacity. We heard that they had to go out and find more chairs, so that’s always a good sign. A huge thanks to everyone that came out and supported us!

However, the best part of it all came at the end of the weekend when our film’s lead Craig Zeiss ended up walking away with the award for Best Male Actor in a Feature Film!


We couldn’t be happier for Craig. His character, Murray Mayweather, is the heart of the whole story and it just wouldn’t have worked if he didn’t bring his absolute best each and every day. It also helps that he’s one of the funniest people we know. We love you, buddy!

So, congrats to Craig for the much-deserved win and thanks to Kevin L. Powers, Howard Carter, Ted Rubin and everyone at the Something Wicked Film Festival for having us!

However, Craig’s was not the only award that “Team P.R.O.O.F.” has received in the past week or so…


The film was also excepted into two other film festivals, the first being The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards, in which we were nominated for Best Ensemble Cast, and our director Jeff Kaminski, Steven and myself (Grantz) actually WON the Best Writing Award! We are absolutely thrilled by this honor.

Thanks to The Monkey Bread Tree Awards for choosing us to be a part of their event, as well as their kind words, which I’ve copied below!

TMBT Film Awards: “There is a part of familiarity to Team P.R.O.O.F, but one which is welcomed – a kind of homage to the nature of explorations. This might not be Indiana Jones, but it sure is a hell of a fun and comedic ride of a ‘truth is out there’ yarn.”


Finally, the film is also now a finalist in the Oniros Film Awards where it has been nominated for Best B-Movie in the July 2017 Monthly Edition. We should know more about our standings in this category and in this festival soon, but until then, thanks to everyone at Oniros for their consideration!

After three long years, it’s wonderful to feel like our hard work is paying off. Once again, thanks to these festivals for having us and thanks to everyone who came out to see the film. Hopefully, these are just the first of many festivals and screenings for “Team P.R.O.O.F.” We will make sure to keep everyone posted and let you know when you can check out the film on a screen near you. Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms so that you’re the first to know!

“Team P.R.O.O.F.” is the first feature film from Third Place Productions. Directed by Jeff Kaminski and written by Jeff Kaminski, Steven Teuchert and Jeff Grantz, “Team P.R.O.O.F.” stars Craig Zeiss, Steven Teuchert, Summer McCusker, Jeff Grantz, Aaron Beelner, Atkins Estimond, Pablo Iglesias, Leanna Adams, Troy Hencely, Chris Marrone and Brian Troxell.

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