The Amazing Nerdiverse – Episode 07: Favorite Horror Movies & The Walking Dead Preview

Episode 07: Favorite Horror Movies & The Walking Dead Preview

The guys are celebrating Halloween a week early, by ranking their top ten favorite horror movies and placing their bets on who ends up on the business end of Lucille in “The Walking Dead” Season 7 Premiere. Also, Steven creates a Flashpoint.


Jeff’s List:

10. “The Cabin in the Woods”

9. “Psycho”

8. “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

7. “Alien”

6. “The Silence of the Lambs”

5. “Scream”

4. “Halloween

3. “Jaws”

2. “Evil Dead II”

1. “Shaun of the Dead”

Steven’s List:

10. “The Exorcist” when the volume is too loud when a phone is ringing.

9. Two things from “Scrooged”: The frozen dead body in the sewer and being burned alive in the coffin.

8. “Tremors”

7. Two things from “RoboCop”: Waking up as a shell of a person and the melting guy.

6. “Congo”

5. “The Fly”

4. When they put the mask on the tied up bad guy in “Mission Impossible III,”leaving her to get shot in the knees by her own team.

3. “Tusk”

2. “Shaun of the Dead”/“Ghostbusters II”

1. “Paranormal Activity” (for sentimental reasons)


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