An Origin Story

Jeff Grantz and Steven Teuchert

Welcome to The Amazing Nerdiverse. The first episode of our brand new podcast should be up soon, but until then, we’d like to go ahead and make some introductions.

The Amazing Nerdiverse is hosted by Jeff Grantz and Steven Teuchert, two independent filmmakers and all-around geeks who love talking about movies, TV shows, comics, video games and all things geeky. Jeff is the former Editor-in-Chief for, where Steven was also a writer, and the two co-hosted the Geek Smash Podcast. Now, they’re setting off on their own, hoping to put a smile on your face as they wax idiotic about the stuff they love the most: superheroes, comedy, sci-fi, funny books, star wars, pokémons, video game shoot-em-ups, pro-wrassling and all those kinds of sweaty stuff.

So please join us and our funny friends when the first episode goes live. Subscribe on iTunes and YouTube (where we will also be posting our episodes, as well as other fun videos). Follow us on Twitter at @Jeff_Grantz and @StevenTeuchert.

Talk to you soon,




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